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Funny, and interesting take.

This was actually pretty funny, and there were some well animated parts (and some parts that looked a good deal sketchier). For whatever reason, the bit with the youtube clip in the mirror made me really laugh.

As for people saying that they feel bad about their birds now, it's understandable if the bird is treated like the one in this movie. If that's the case, the persons not a very good bird owner :P

Decent sprite movie

It wasn't too bad. I'm not a huge fan of sprite, so I may not be the best person to review this :P

I liked the fact that you gave the choice of a few endings. Not having to watch it all again to see a different ending is also a big plus. The sprite work seemed pretty good for the most part, as well. As was said, you seemed to capture the attitude of the characters as well.

However, the background seemed a bit odd. Also, Naruto's ending dragged out with the powering up bit. As was mentioned, the text can be very hard to read when smaller. You might want to consider a different font in the future.

Overall, it's decent, but a few odd things here and there made it hard to really enjoy it.

mortis5000 responds:

Thanks for your review, and I will address those issue in my next movie


Really, really loved it. Some parts were amazingly done, especially the lead singer and the red-haired guy shouting 'Fever'. It looked just plain awesome. It's also quite a feat that this was done in 6 days.

It looks awesome, and it's very fun to watch. Crotch-thrust to the face = hilarity.

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Not bad, but...

You're missing some key phrases! (Or at least ones I think are key :P)

"This elevator only goes to the basement, and some made an awwwful mess down there."

"What's so bad about your old man talking about seeeeeex? I had seeeeeeex!"

But there are definitely some good ones on there.

Frenzy responds:

Lol thanks!

~ Z

Pretty rockin'

I obviously like the concept. Perhaps it's a conflict of interest just by me reviewing it :P

Anyways, fun stuff. I don't mind the controls at all, and find that they're quite entertaining and challenging once I'm comfortable with them.

Pretty good game, and I look forward to your future stuff.

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edit-undo responds:

Thanks for the review :) I'm working on a sequel. I can't wait to play your game when it's out.

Very nice game

I'm loving this game right now. Technically, it's nothing new, but considering I've never gone through 2 of those boss fight (and I love boss fights), it was a mostly new experience to me. The one I had played was the Wart fight, and I loved the fact that you had that sound effect in there when you throw the veggies in his mouth :P

Very nice game, the graphics are very clean and the animation is smooth, and this game definitely provides a challenge.

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Diggin it

I'll be nitpicky and mention that the original wasn't written by EV but rather it was a cover (forget who did the original, but it's pretty similar), but regardless it's a fantastic song, and you've covered it well.


I like it. It's pretty simple, but has a nice sound to it. It's also a nice change of pace when the drums kick in and it picks up in speed. Only criticism I have is that it seems to start a little slow, but other than that, I like it!

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