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Posted by CrazyChihuahua - March 29th, 2008

Hey folks. I'm currently working on Time Assualt 2 with edit-undo (feel free to play the first if you haven't :P), and we're hoping the people of NG can lend us a hand. The first one was filled with lots of little screaming ninjas, but too many sounded the same. That's where you people come in!

If you want to submit something, it's simple: just send us a scream. Try to get creative with it. Or, just give us the loudest, most blood-curdling scream you have. Just try to make it humourous, and better quality is of course appreciated. We can do some noise removal, but nothing crazy, so try to make sure there's no weird noises in the background.

Also, make sure it's under 3 seconds long!

If you submit one and we use it, you'll be fully credited in the game with a link to your userpage.
There are some things to note though before you send us a clip:

- chances are it will be edited somewhat (just to make the volume match that of other clips, or for fading and such)
- we are going to attempt to sponsor the game, so if for some reason you aren't down with sending a bit of your voice in for something that might make money, then by all means, don't send a clip.
- make sure it is in either .wav or .mp3 format

That's about it for restrictions. Email any clips you have to scott.editundo@googlemail.com

We look forward to hearing your screams!

Posted by CrazyChihuahua - August 22nd, 2007

I figured I might as well get some use out of this thing, even if I am sure that little to no people will read/comment on it. Anyways, enough with being a Negative Nancy! I am finally doing Flash stuff again (since I have nothing else productive going on), and as such have projects I am now doing.

Project the First: Music video. Yes, a music video. The song is Police Truck by The Dead Kennedys. The song creates some great images in my head, and I'd like to see them realized, so movie time it is!

Project the Second: Sidescroller. Yes, a sidescroller. Well, more of a sidescroller/RPG mix, kind of. Anyways, I don't want to say anything really, because if I say stuff that sounds good, then people might expect something genuinely awesome, and, well, I don't want that to happen (in case it is not to be awesome (but it will be (possibly))).

Oh, and I have a shnazzy new pic too. To the left of this post. Look at it. I think it's good. Could be better, but I like it.

Leave your comments on the way out please! Buh-bye!